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My Story

I’m Claudia, born and raised in Brazil, actually settled in Bavaria - Germany, in between, a longer station in Princeton, NJ and several shorter stations here and there.

I studied graphic design at "Faculdade de Belas Artes de São Paulo" and graduated 1989. In Germany I had an additional guest semester at "Georg Simon Ohm Fachhochschule in Nürnberg". Later I got the supplementary and structural qualification in Marketing/Multi-Media in Erlangen. During my stay in U.S.A. I attended two photography courses in New York, having also the great opportunity to participate at exhibitions in Manhattan.

Art, photography, interiors, ceramics, sewings and graphic design are some of the things that keep my mind and hands busy.

As a passionate traveller, I’ll always be back with new ideas and exotic souvenirs in my bags. The cultural diversity expressed in colorful patterns, textures, handwoven textiles, ethnic prints and all kind of artisan products are sources for my inspiration. They play up a bohème note in my decorating work and keep my wanderlust alive.

O Quintal means "the backyard" in portuguese, a relaxing place and my favorite spot at home, especially in summer, when everything seems to happen outdoors: parties, barbecues, pottery works, harvesting, fruits picking, family and friends roasting something on an open fire, festa juninas and of course the best event of the year: the amazing Sommerbasar, a sensational day with lots of art, live music, good food and happy people meeting here in my Quintal every year in the middle of July!

This blog should help me to keep track and organize the things I like, memories from our trips around the world, new and old ideas, interesting recipes and whatever else I find inspiring and nice enough to document for myself or to share.

Also here now, the online shop with my homemade gourmet treats, self designed papeterie, room scents and natural perfumes I've created with natural essencial oils from Morocco, handmade ceramics, vintage finds from everywhere, lots of special things. Take a look around!


Finally, it's worth pointing out that, if not otherwise described, all material in this blog is © by oQuintal.

I’m open for all kind of creative collaboration ideas worldwide!

Contact me at:

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